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Become a Referral Agent

Say goodbye to Realtor® and MLS Fees because we've got you covered.

No Realtor® Fees    No MLS Fees    No E&O Fees

Let your License work for you!


  • No MLS, Association, or E&O Fees

  • Earn money with an Active real estate license

  • Ability to refer to new home builders, resales, and commercial

  • Earn commission on your own personal purchases and sales

  • Maintain your tax-deductible status (refer to your CPA)

Who can benefit from Cornerstone Referral Network:

  • Agents taking a break in career

  • Retiring agents who still have an active database but losing traction on technology

  • Agents moving to another state 

  • Agents whose volume is not supporting dues

  • Agents who are moving on to another job or career

  • Agents in a high profile position with a large sphere of influence but are not “practicing real estate” 


How it works:

  • Agent transfers license to Cornerstone Referral Network

  • Places a referral through a form with agent of choice (any company)

  • Once referral is collected, Cornerstone Referral Network split is 90/10

    • Example: Referring agent's check is $1,500.00 – 10% to Referral Network ($150.00), so referring agent’s final check is $1,350.00. 

  • Agent must have an Active license and maintain continuing education

  • Agent will receive a 1099 at the end of the year

  • Network Membership Fees:

    • $124 -  One year due upon signup (prorated on date joined), then due every Dec 31st of each year



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How it Works

Making a referral with Cornerstone Referral Network is as simple as can be. Just click on our user-friendly Referral Form or give us a call at 915-355-2335, and we'll handle the rest. We take care of all the necessary agreements and paperwork. 


Experience the advantages of becoming a Referral Agent with the esteemed Cornerstone Referral Network. Maintain an active real estate license while unlocking a world of opportunities to earn substantial rewards through referrals. Say goodbye to realtor® and MLS fees because, with Cornerstone Referral Network, those costs are a thing of the past.

Agent Tools

We offer you a seamless, affordable, and superior alternative to going inactive or letting your license expire, ensuring you never miss out on your earning potential. It's a decision that's simply too good to pass up. Cornerstone Referral Network empowers you with the freedom to choose the ideal agent to whom you refer clients.

Monetize Your License:

Unleash its Potential with Cornerstone Referral Network!


Agent Tools

When you park your license with us, you not only get to keep you license and earn commission on your referrals, you are also getting an array of tools that will support you in your referral journey

What Our Agents Say

"I have loved having my license with Cornerstone Referral Network! I have moved to a different state and I am still able to refer new and former clients so they don’t feel like I’ve abandoned them. I get to refer it to any agent of my choice which works well so I can negotiate the percentage. Most of all, I get to collect a commission! Love it!"
~ Brenda



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Head Office

7181 Westwind, Ste B

El Paso, TX 79912

Tel: 915-355-2335

Questions? We have answers!

For any inquiries, questions, or commendations, please call: 915-355-2335 or fill out the form on the left.

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